Producing, stocking and distributing CDs has become too expensive for archiphon’s highly specialized repertoire of rare historical recordings. Fortunately, technological advances and the internet make it possible to publish music without having to rely on a physical medium. Download and.Streaming are now the optimal way to make historical rarities accessible to connoisseurs worldwide, and to do so in unlimited quantities.

You may find archiphon titles on iTunes or other platforms like Qobuz, Spotify, presto classical, e-classical et al.

CD: ARC-series

In 1989 after having produced a series of LPs with Klemperer live recordings, archiphon started issuing CDs with recordings by Carl Schuricht , and by 2004 we had created a catalog of altogether 40 titles/albums with other artists, who make up the core of our basic repertoire.

Some of these original early archiphon CDs are still available and can be ordered directly from Werner Unger: EMail

CD: ARC-WU series

Until 2004 our ARC-CDs were distributed by Note 1, Heidelberg. However, production and distribution had to be stopped because this no longer proved to be commercially viable. To saveguard the label’s achievement so far, Werner Unger, the former creator and producer of archiphon , took over the rights and the remaining stock and privately continued generating CDs from the archive’s holdings. Today this Private Edition (ARC-WU) consists of more than 100 CDs with further albums being added regularly.

Individual copies on CDR from albums not yet ready for download can be made by Werner Unger: EMail


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