ARC-WU 120 // "LP pure" Vol.2: Scherchen conducts Music for Multiple Orchestras

"LP pure" Vol.2: Transfers from mono and early stereo LPs (first pressings) with HighEnd equipment. Scherchen conducts music by Beethoven, Orff and Gabrieli.


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Keine Einträge vorhanden

Hermann Scherchen

Vienna State Opera Orchestra

  • Beethoven: Wellington's Victory
  • Orff: Entrata
  • Gabrieli: Canzoni in primi toni

    *rec. stereo 1960 (LP Westminster WST 17013)

Inlay (PDF)

Download via ClassicsOnline (some titles also via iTunes, eClassical, Spotify et al.). More information from Werner Unger


„LP pure“ means you hear the music as if you’re listening to the original LP under the best possible conditions. We have transferred the analog source (RIAA) into the digital domain (24 bit) using Swiss HighEnd equipment and without further manipulations (apart from a slight declicking) . As aresult, the digital data medium fully retains the warm, atmospheric analog sound of the original source.
This series is addressed at audiophile collectors who want to listen to the music in highest digital quality (24bit/96kHz) without missing the atmosphere of the analog LP.


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