ARC-WU 149 // Klemperer Compositions, Vol. 1: Orchestral

Otto Klemperer: Historical recordings of orchestral compositions, conducted by Klemperer himself

ARC-WU 149 Klemperer Compositions Vol.1: Orchestralzoom

Otto Klemperer

Own Compositions Vol. 1: Orchestral


Orchestral Compositions, conducted by Klemperer himself

  • Fugato for Srings
  • Funeral March (from Thamar)
  • Merry Waltz
  • Au clair de la lune
  • Trinity
  • J'accuse
  • Gavotte with six variations (Rameau, orch. Klemperer)

commemorating the 40th anniversary of Klemperer's death (6 July 1973)

Download via ClassicsOnline (some titles also via iTunes, eClassical, Spotify et al.). More information from Werner Unger


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