ARC-116 // Caruso: Electrical Re-Creations

The original acoustic recordings mixed with orchestral accompaniment


Enrico Caruso

Electrical Re-Creations

  • Arias
  • Italian Songs
  • American Songs

(re-) recorded 1932-1937, 1992/1993 

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More information from Werner Unger


Since the appearance of electrical recording, it has been repeatedly attempted to add new glamour to Caruso´s old recordings. The earliest attempts were made in the thirties by the companies Victor and HMV. In these, Caruso´s voice was mixed with an orchestral accompaniment, which was recorded with a microphone. With the aid of modern digital technology, archiphon was able to take the best from the old 78s by using new transfers. Caruso´s power of dramatic creation, especially in the Verismo-arias, is recorded to its best advantage.

Two re-creations from the years 1992 and 1993 are truly novel: Three British sound engineers (Peter Cox, David Lane, Joe Pengelly) combined the original voice with a modern accompaniment (organ and/or chamber orchestra). It is for the first time possible to really hear Caruso in HiFi quality, in one case even in stereo.


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